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Our Vision

From its creation in 2004, Dhanalakshmi Synthetics has been driven by the desire to craft an exclusive product with passion, distinctive by its attention to details.

The yarns and fabrics from our textile group have been synonymous with absolute quality for many years. A high level of internal specialization, a flexible approach towards customers, tight in-house quality control and an organization built on strong values have enabled us to conquer a vast market covering all of India.

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Our Values

Our guarantee of quality

We observe very strict quality standards. A dedicated team of qualified employees with excellent technical training are engaged daily in the development and production of our yarns and fabrics. A specialized team constantly ensures its quality of our products to meet our customers specification.

Our aim is to provide constant and maximum service. Short delivery times and flexibility evidence this. We seek to find the best solution in consultation with our customer. If a solution cannot be found within our own production, we call upon our specialized external partners.


As we believe we need to act now to create a better world, we are continuously integrating sustainability in our daily processes by continuously investing in modern machinery, giving us the possibility to produce in an ecological, energy-efficient way with integrated waste management systems.
We also have our own Wind Energy production both in our spinning and weaving unit.

Total partnership

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